Building a WordPress Website

build a WordPress website

Building a WordPress Website

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Website Design, WordPress

I’m often asked, “How much will it cost to rebuild my website?”. That’s a difficult question to answer without getting some critical information first. Whether building a WordPress website from scratch or rebuilding an existing site, planning the project is still the same. A quick note: rebuilding a website is the same as building a site from scratch, with one exception. If you have an existing site, some or all of the content can be re-purposed for the new site.

Technotions has a process that we follow.  You can see it here

Building a website requires careful planning and consideration of various factors to ensure its success. A brief summary of the requirements for building a website can be categorized into six main areas:

Purpose and Goals

The first step in building a new website is to identify the purpose and goals of the website. This includes defining the target audience, the type of content that will be published on the website, and the desired outcomes.

Design and User Experience

The design of a website is crucial in attracting and retaining visitors. The website should be designed to meet the target audience’s needs and provide an excellent user experience. The website design should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.


Content is the foundation of any website. The website should have high-quality, relevant, engaging content that meets the target audience’s needs. The content should be well-organized and easy to navigate. Another critical factor is to decide how vital Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driven content will be. In other words, how high do you want to be ranked on Google searches?


The website’s functionality is essential in providing a great user experience. The website should be fast, responsive, and easy to use. The website should have features and functionalities that meet the target audience’s needs. Is the site’s intended purpose to provide the company with a web presence (“Brochureware”), or is the purpose to drive traffic to the site and company? Will this be an eCommerce site? What’s the expected transaction volume?

Security and Performance

Security and performance are crucial in building a successful website. The website should be secure, and all user data should be protected. Another critical factor is to have some estimation of the expected site traffic. The website should load quickly, and the server should be reliable to ensure the website’s performance.

Marketing and Analytics

Marketing and analytics are essential in promoting the website and measuring its success. The website should be optimized for search engines and have tools for tracking user behavior and analyzing website performance.

A successful website requires careful planning, a user-friendly design, high-quality content, excellent functionality, security and performance, and marketing and analytics tools.

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